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About Me

Originally, Atone was just a collection of Bible Studies I started writing and publishing in February 2009.  Now it has become a repository for a bit everything – research, theological bits and pieces, riffs, Church commentary – and of course, a great deal of Bible commentary.  So who am I? 

I am a…

Husband of one wife.  Father of three.  Lover of Jesus.  Lover of Scripture.  Gentle Debater.  Analyst.  Researcher.  Aspiring writer.  Armchair Theologian.  Kingdom Seeker.

May we all learn a little more together.

Thanks again for the visit.

– Brad

P.S. If you are looking for a Statement of Faith you can find that in the above link.


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    Chelan Rene' Russ

    Thanks again, for this balanced perspective. I’m just writing this 2nd comment as a test to see if my first one I wrote last nt. is awaiting moderation, or if it’s been lost in blog-space somewhere! I actually wanted to see if I could ask you to email it back to me 🙂 so I could send it to a friend.

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