Parable of the Talents | Matthew 25:14-28

Matthew 25:14-28

The point of the Parable of the Talents isn’t that we should go running around hoping to be five talent people instead of a single talent. Jesus’ expectations aren’t based on our abilities or the amount of talents we possess.  There are just as many five talent people burying their money in the ground as the one talent servant. Jesus expects his kingdom people to be kingdom workers, and he expects his workers to yield a return on the talents he has left to us.

Kingdom people put their gifts and abilities to work by faith.  They do not become afraid to share the Gospel because the King is taking a long time to return. They do not hide in their homes waiting for Judgment Day.  Instead they trust that God will use them with what he has given them, and that he’ll put their feet, minds, mouths and hands to work to inspire, encourage, and teach the Gospel.  They spread the Kingdom by the graces that God has given them, whether it is divine insights or secular skills, and they learn new skills and receive new insights to glorify God through his Gospel.

But the wicked grow idle and lazy with their abilities.  They have no faith.  They are paralyzed by their fears of failure and so they do not put their faith to work.  They meet a horrible end because they do not trust that the Talent Giver will help them gain new talents and see to it that the talents they have are successful.

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