Salt & Light | Matthew 5:13-16 Commentary

Salt & Light

Matthew 5:13-16 Commentary

There is no hope for the world beyond Christ. The Scriptures tell us that the world was made for Jesus and through Jesus and it is completely dependent on him. And Christ is carried around by those who believe in him. They have his goodness, his beauty and his love. They have his peace and joy. They have his Gospel.

If any of Christ’s people were to lose him, they would be like like salt that loses its “saltiness.” They would be worthless and good for nothing and thrown out.

The same is true if his people were to hide his light. Take a light into a completely dark room and it illuminates whatever is there according to its strength. And though some lights do a better job at showing you the contents of a room, even a dim light is far more useful than a burned out or covered light bulb.

While Jesus is preparing for his return, his true disciples are charged with displaying their faith openly and plainly for the world to see. They do this by happily preaching the Gospel and allowing his righteousness to shine out through them. The true Christian cannot hide their joy and love for Christ anymore than sports fans can hide their love of teams or mothers can hide their love of their children. If the Light of Life truly lives inside someone, it will not be hidden. It will always get out.

Jesus’ message here is just as much warning as it is an illustration. Christians must let their light shine from the best spot in the room, the highest point possible. For if Christians do not preach the Word, no one will. If they do not show the righteousness of Christ by their life, then no one will see it. No will be warned of God’s coming wrath. No one will be told of the peace and joy that is found in Jesus. Christians are the means by which Jesus is revealed in world today. They are the hands and feet by which the words of Scripture leap from the pages of the Great Book into everyday life. They alone are the light of the world, and there is no hope for the world without their seasoning and light.

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