The Hour No One Knows | Matthew 24:36-51

Matthew 24:36-41
Matthew 24:42-51

God does not reveal to us the time of his coming in order to keep us from spiritual laziness and arrogance. He wants us to keep sharp and stay alert for the day of his coming, and to always strive for a deeper faith and a greater love of Jesus. For this reason he tells us to keep a careful watch for our Lord’s unexpected coming by remaining diligent for the spread of the Gospel and carefully guarding our souls.

The Second Coming of Jesus will come suddenly on those without faith, but for those with faith they will be busy about the everyday building of their proverbial arks, readying themselves for the flood of sudden disaster. This is why there can be no comfort for those who think they know something about the Gospel, but who do not put into practice. They are like those who house sit for a rich man who travels overseas to tour foreign lands for many months only to suddenly return unannounced to find his house a mess from the lazy and evil caretaker who has destroyed his house with parties that he threw for his destructive and careless friends. But those of faith will be found by the owner of the mansion busy caring for his home, eagerly waiting for the return of the owner and joyfully anticipating the reward that awaits them on the other side of this life.

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